We're not farmers. We're marketers. But we do share the same philosophy – successful growth. Our crops simply happen to be in the form of creative ideas, not cabbage, wheat or soy. We continually plant the seeds that stretch your imagination, inspire your business and shape your brand.

3Seed is about creativity. Yours. Ours. Admittedly, it’s intangible, but it makes all the difference when you’re crafting something of excellence. And it takes time and skill to do so.

Marketing Marketing


We sow. We tend. We harvest. That's how we approach developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for you. Much like your business is unique, we understand each situation requires a unique approach. It takes some thought, some seed, and some time. And our proven track record of success makes your results even better.

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Design Design


We love when our boots get muddy and our hands get dirty. That's when something extraordinary happens in our design department. It's the part of the process that makes the biggest impact and it's what we've won awards for. From brand development and logo design, to direct mail, print ads, and web design, we're ready to dig in.

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Interactive Interactive


Your clients are online and you need to be there to greet them like a farmer greets the rain. That's what an effective website and solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do. Mix in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display advertising and mobile apps, and your harvest will become even more bountiful.

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