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January 26, 2018

3Seed Marketing, Design & Interactive Launches Sister Brand, Citro Digital, LLC

3Seed Marketing, Design & Interactive is excited to announce the launch of a new sister brand, Citro Digital, LLC. Citro Digital will focus on providing website development and online marketing services to clients across the nation.
“Over the last three years, 3Seed has experienced such great growth through our interactive service-line and talented staff-members that the creation of Citro has become the logical next step to continued growth,” explains 3Seed Managing Partner, John Mulder. 
Citro is headed by 3Seed’s Director of Digital Marketing, Hillary Long. Long brings over 10 years of online marketing experience to 3Seed and now to Citro as Managing Partner. “She is incredibly passionate about the interactive marketplace," says Mulder, "and we are extremely excited to watch her grow and further hone her expertise.”
Locally, 3Seed will continue to provide website development and online marketing service, only now, it will have the added support of a laser-focused digital agency at its side."In the ever-changing digital world it is important to stay agile," explains Mulder, "and this is just one of the ways that we feel we can better support our current customers and reach new ones."
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