New Year's Resolution - Be a Better Listener

Avatar Jim Macdonald
January 01, 2015
You've probably experienced this.  You hear a great phrase or read something that you swear to commit to memory. But there is so much other 'stuff' going on that it slowly slips away into the deep crevices of your brain, forgotten. Until the magical moment when you experience it again. That's exactly what happened this week when I heard someone use the phrase, "There's a reason why you have two ears and one mouth."

Words of widsom. Pure genius. This is a phrase that doesn't deserve a place in the crevices. It needs to be out there, always present, and employed in every day life. In a word, LISTEN. Whether you are dealing with a client, your spouse, your kids, or a co-worker, these words are an important part of a life lesson.

Listening will make you more effective in understanding and working through issues, and you will always come up with more thoughtful and informed responses. But you need to truly listen. Hearing something and listening to something are very different experiences. The listener always gets more out of the experience.

Next time you talk with someone, put on some music, or even go outside for a walk...Listen. If you're not used to doing this, it will take some practice, but soon you will be able to enjoy conversations, nuances in music, and you will hear things that you never heard before.

I'm not a "New Year's Resolution" kind-of guy, but I think that my two ears can be more effective than my one mouth in 2015 and beyond. Maybe even twice as effective.
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