How to Kill Creativity - Start With Our Children

Avatar Jim Macdonald
January 29, 2015
I saw this image the other day. First I laughed, then it got me thinking...
hmmmm... and yet another day has passed an I did not use Algebra once...very interesting.

We are in an industry that combines creativity, intellect, and passion. Interestingly, the schools are starting to drain the creativity and passion part of our children at a younger and younger age. With the latest legislation up for debate from our backward-thinking lawmakers, it looks like we are going in the wrong direction. Read More

I am not here to be "pro-teacher" or "anti-establishment" or any of that. I guess I just want to understand how this is going to help... anyone! The teachers complain because they have to 'teach to the test', the students complain because they are under so much pressure to perform, and the administration complains because funding is tied to test scores.

As a partner in an agency, I want to complain because it kills creativity. Schools are no longer places where kids can explore and find their passion, and that's a shame. I don't think we have to get the kids in a circle for a rousing version of Kumbaya, but we shouldn't try to put all students into a box and test to see how well they fit.  It's just weird.

Some of the greatest minds of our time were TERRIBLE students! Guess what all these people have in common:
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Lady Gaga, and Tiger Woods.
They were all college dropouts. Their heads were in a place that was so different than the world that college offered. So do test scores and diplomas really matter?

For some people, maybe. When we look to hire a person in our agency, we look at the person. Sure, their education means something, but a test score or diploma doesn't mean much. A total slacker can get a diploma and a true genius can be a dropout. Sometimes the best work a person does is in the hours outside of class. If you want to have a truly successful and diverse company made up of unique human beings, look at the person and what they can contribute to your company and culture. Most likely their score on the Algebra section of their high school standardized test will not be a good indicator of their value as a human being.
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