Tablets, Phones, Watches and the Terminator

Avatar Jim Macdonald
August 11, 2015
Part 2 of 3- Read Part 1

When I left off, I was talking about Content Management Systems (CMS) and how they started to become more mainstream in the mid-2000’s. Since this is my story, I will tell you my experience, but there are many other stories out there…

So, the Age of Web Content had begun and companies, especially marketers, started to understand that their message did not have to be static. Content was a moving target, and this search engine called Google (weird name) was getting more popular. YouTube was on the rise as well, soon to become one with Google.

Funny story… Back in the day, someone told me to check out YouTube, so I went to At the time, there was an apology from “Universal Tube & Rollform” and a link to Well, some smart person figured out what was going on and changed into an advertising site for scantily clad Hollywood stars and kittens, and they are probably making more money from that than from selling tubes.

Back to my point. Websites after 2006 started to take on more of a marketing ‘feel’ and were becoming more functional. Programmers were developing script to run in the browser instead of on the server, and things were getting faster! Dial-Up was out, broadband was in. People were clamoring for faster connections so they could watch videos of kittens playing the piano, but marketers had other ideas.

KittensBroadband meant a richer experience. I actually remember websites that offered two different options on the home page: Dial-up and Broadband. There was also this horrible thing called the “Flash Intro” that now is a footnote in history, thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple. Designers loved the Flash Intro; programmers and visitors hated it. The Flash Intro was one of those things that you had to watch before the website was available, usually with awful music. The first time it was cool. By the time you saw it a second time it was annoying. By the third time you were visiting the “Contact Us” page so you could drive to the company’s headquarters and strangle the website developer. (See cute, kitten-based reenactment)

But back to those marketers. We started to realize that there was so much statistical information available about our websites, and it could be used for marketing purposes. Tablets were hot, and mobile phones were starting to show up in everybody’s pocket, and they were connected! Sweet! If only there were a way to make a website look good on a tablet or phone (responsive/adaptive design) AND I could actually understand what my visitors are doing and engage them (marketing automation). Done and done.

One way or another, every website should have mobile capabilities – Google has encouraged, if not demanded that. But what about the marketers? When do we get what we want? To quote Dave Chappelle, “How’s about now-ish?”

Quick Note: I included “The Terminator” in the title so you would read this post. He doesn’t actually show up until part 3… Maybe.

“Marketing Automation and Living in the Matrix” (Part 3 of 3)
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