Office Environment

It’s evident the way the door challenges you on the way in, and the creative surroundings inside the walls. You’ll also see it on the sign that sends you back out into the world. Our office is a breathing version of who we are as people. Creative, innovative, and colorful. From the common area, to the conference room and executive offices, we designed our workplace to be conducive to unbridled thought. And that’s what makes 3Seed a fun and inviting place for everyone.
Wooden 3
Sow Good
Mulder's Office
Wooden 3
The Harvester of Happiness

3Seed employees are reaping the rewards of a job well done. The Harvester of Happiness is an original employee incentive program featuring an up-cycled vending machine that celebrates our mission to always "Sow Good". Employees are granted a turn to harvest gift cards, extra vacation days, or other prizes when they go above and beyond.

Turn Reward
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